Business Owners Choose Different Delivery Model

There are alternatives to control your personal and employee healthcare costs!  Your insurance broker/rep may not be aware (or may be comfortable with the status quo) to present these options to you.  As more physicians opt out of a frustrating, penalizing insurance-based reimbursement system to choose direct medical practices, your options to control costs while increasing quality of care will improve.

You have options!  Consideration should be given as to how much “pain” you’re willing to endure before you change what you’re doing.  When we’re busy running a business it’s easy to procrastinate in making healthcare decisions until the situation becomes a crisis. Alternatives to the status quo can be a distraction.

What is not known is how much the alternative can save.  If you use a broker there are plusses and minuses.  One of the minuses is not getting all the options presented to you based on how that broker is incentivized.  That’s reasonable.  Why would you present something you know little about and are not sure how/if you’ll be paid for?

This is the case for telehealth, direct medical practices, medical travel and alternative healthcare delivery models that most employers don’t get presented but are really viable options that provide better quality of care for less money.   The options have been there for years; they’re not promoted because they’re not mainstream.

“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.” – Albert Camus


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